Chrissy Teigen Applauded a Teacher Who's Doing Her Best to Keep Kids Engaged Virtually

A kindergarten teacher named Mackenzie is doing her best to keep her students engaged while they're learning virtually. In a video that's taken off on social media, we see her using a combination of crazy-high energy, purposeful hand motions, and, of course, a laminated sign that reminds kids to unmute themselves when they're trying to talk to the class.

Mackenzie captioned the post, "My facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning," and honestly, we feel tired from just watching her. As soon as Mackenzie shared the video on TikTok, fellow parents started to take notice, including Chrissy Teigen.

"I hate that kids are losing so much valuable social time out in the world but man, love teachers so much. Making it work," Chrissy captioned a Sept. 16 tweet that included the video. Watch until the end to see exactly what goes into virtually teaching a classroom full of little ones for Mackenzie.