Reese Witherspoon Got a Crash Course in Tik Tok From Her Son Deacon, and I'm Howling

Reese Witherspoon is conducting an investigation on behalf of all the moms out there: "What is Tik Tok?" Luckily, she has her 15-year-old son, Deacon Phillippe, to offer some assistance. On Sept. 29, Reese shared an Instagram TV video of her Tik Tok education, and it's downright hilarious.

Deacon spelled out Tik Tok as best as he could for Reese, and said, "It's a short-form video platform for kids. Social media." Reese then enlisted his expertise for her first video on the app, which included some dance practice and eye-rolling on Deacon's part. They eventually nailed down exactly what her debut should be, and thus, the account @officialreesetiktok was born. Watch the full video above to see Deacon's crash course yourself. Hey, you might learn something new!