Ew, David! These Families Used Schitt's Creek as Halloween Costume Inspo and Nailed It!

Even though we said "best wishes, warmest regards" to Schitt's Creek following its series finale in April, the support for the show is still growing stronger and stronger with each new fan that falls in love with the Rose family and the other hilarious residents of Schitt's Creek. (Not to mention the show's incredible sweep of the 2020 Emmy awards giving it another boost!)

If you're looking for a great family Halloween costume to take photos in this year or need a fun way to dress up your kiddos, we've rounded up some families' cutest DIY costumes inspired by Schitt's Creek. So, in the words of Moira Rose, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican and keep scrolling to see them all!

Schitt's Creek Costume Inspiration For Kids and Families
Instagram | leglade

Schitt's Creek Costume Inspiration For Kids and Families

These poses are perfection.

Instagram | laurenmancke

Moira's dress is made out of a garbage bag!

Instagram | arikyoung

This bébé's mom made David's eyebrows by gluing felt to sunglasses!

Instagram | highlightsalongtheway
Highlights Along the Highway

We love that this family incorporated Stevie Budd as their fifth character!

Instagram | brandyj

The attitude is everything here.

Love & Lion

The sweater game is strong with this one.

Instagram | lauralnielson

This family relied on great hats to really drive Moira and Alexis home.