Let Seeker Learning Help Teach Your Kids Science Through Fun Videos, TikToks, and More

Seeker, the most engaging science publisher on social media, wants to help make this time at home with your kids valuable and enriching through its new hub, Seeker Learning. The site, which launched on April 6, contains short clips, TikTok videos, animations, and more.

"Seeker Learning is a place to immerse yourself in the best of Seeker, whether you're at home, in the classroom or on your phone," the site reads. "Explore the universe, our planet and the new innovations shaping the world around us." Keep scrolling to see a few examples of things you can find on Seeker Learning, and visit the site now to learn a new science concept with your kiddos!

This Video Sharing How to DIY a Lava Lamp at Home

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This Animated Video Explaining the Secrets Hiding on Jupiter's Moons

This Time-Lapse Video of How Apples Assist in Speeding Up the Fruit-Ripening Process

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This Animated Video About How Long We Could Survive on Other Planets

This Time-Lapse Video of a Plant Growing