Mom Re-Creates the Look From a Portrait Her Daughter Drew of Her, and Oh . . . My God

A mom is going viral for a single selfie she shared on Reddit featuring a portrait her daughter drew of her 10 years ago. But rather than take a selfie with the portrait as is, she decided to re-create her "look" with some makeup, and oh . . . my god. It's spot on.

In the colored pencil portrait, the mom's blond hair is captured in a bright yellow, her 10 eyelashes look slicked with some seriously volumizing mascara, her lip line is overdrawn and fabulous, and her three rows of teeth are so white, it's clear she's been brushing twice a day. "My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago," she wrote in her post. "I still look the same, IMO."

We'd have to agree! Though she is missing one lash over her left eye, so a moment of silence, please, for that chunky, beautiful lash's disappearance (and her middle row of pearly whites, of course).