Serena Williams Is Such a Good Sport as Her Daughter Does Her Makeup . . . With Markers!

While Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. is undeniably a child of many talents at just 2 years old, we have to admit her makeup skills could use a tiny bit of work. In a series of sweet videos Serena Williams shared on her Instagram Stories Tuesday afternoon, Olympia hilariously applied "makeup" on her mom as the tennis pro forced a big smile through the struggle.

In the segment dubbed "Serena Beauty starring Olympia Ohanian," the adorable 2-year-old laughed and sang while using various colored markers as lipstick and eyeliner to fill in Serena's lips and create a fun eye look. While Olympia's makeup skills are nothing to scoff at, Serena's patience is what's most impressive. The mom of one is a great sport, even chuckling through the chaos of Olympia shoving markers into her mouth. Olympia's just trying her best, after all! Check out snapshots from Serena's relatable Stories below.