Did You Know Wearing Socks at Night Could Help Your Toddler Sleep Better?

Toddlers can be very particular, and sometimes the smallest thing can make all the difference, whether it's that one sippy cup they'll drink from or that one little detail that helps them sleep well. Could putting socks on them do the trick? And what if they take them off? We reached out to the experts to find out more.

Should My Toddler Sleep in Socks?

Pediatrician Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, MD, a medical consultant for the parenting website MomLovesBest, told POPSUGAR that sleeping in socks might be helpful in colder bedrooms, but it is not a requirement. "It really depends on personal preference," she said.

Will Socks Help My Toddler Sleep Better?

Actually, yes! "Wearing socks for sleep helps keep your body warm, making your current state more conducive for sleeping," Stephen Light, a certified sleep science coach and co-owner of Nolah Mattress told POPSUGAR. "Letting toddlers wear socks for sleeping helps them sleep better, especially during cold weather like on winter nights."

On hot or humid nights, however, Light said that toddlers should not be put the bed with socks on, or they might risk overheating. "This can compromise their sleep quality," he explained, adding that, "Very young toddlers might not communicate their uncomfortable state verbally, so they'll resort to fidgeting or crying instead."

What If My Toddler Keeps Removing Their Socks?

Dr. Poinsett said that there is no need to worry if your toddler will not keep socks on in their sleep. "If your child kicks off the socks, remove them from their bed. There is a small risk of choking if they put them in their mouth," she cautioned.

If the nights are cold and your toddler just keeps taking off their socks, Dr. Poinsett suggested removing the power struggle. "If you are worried about their feet staying warm, you can opt for pajamas with feet."