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SNL's Fake Macy's Children's Clothing Ad Is Too Relatable

SNL Sums Up Why Winter Clothes Are Torture For Kids With a Painfully Accurate Macy's Ad

Dressing kids for Winter sounds easy enough. But in reality? It's a nightmare. On Dec. 14, the Saturday Night Live cast debuted a fake Macy's ad that expresses exactly why warm clothes are the worst for parents and their kids. The buttons, the layers, the itchy fabrics — they're all a recipe for complaining around the holidays! The distress wouldn't even be worth it, but children always look so damn cute all bundled up.

From the puffer jacket that's a car-seat safety hazard to the romper that never comes off in time for a bathroom emergency, there are too many stress-inducing outfits to choose from. Watch the full skit above to see the funniness ensue, but be warned: it'll hit close to home for any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or nanny who's dealt with an unhappy kid in Winter clothes.

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