Tan France Has Had His Son's Name Picked Out Since He Was 16 — "I'm Very Excited!"

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Tan France and his husband, Rob France, are ready to welcome a baby boy via surrogate this summer, and Tan has already planned out exactly how he wants to raise their new son. "I'm very excited!" he said during an interview on A Little Late With Lilly Singh on June 2. He added: "Even though I'm the style guy, I'm no-frills. My husband and I are not romantic, so we haven't created a nursery or anything yet, even though he's due so soon. We're just kind of winging it. . . . I don't think we're prepared."

In contrast with his chill demeanor, the dad-to-be revealed that he already has several details about his new son's life laid out — including his name. "Here's the thing. I have had a name picked out for my son since I was like 16 or 17, possibly even earlier — I've always known," Tan said. He added that the baby's name will be South Asian, but he plans to keep the exact name under wraps until the newborn arrives.

Tan said that he's hoping his son will develop a British accent early on, and he already has a plan in place to make sure it happens. "I'm now officially an American. I have been for a year, and I'm very proud to be an American," he said. "Do I want my children to speak in an American accent? No, I don't. They will because they're going to be raised here. However, I just think the British accent sounds so nice, and a British accent holds so much weight in this country. There is no way that I, some random Pakistani boy from a small town in England, would be in entertainment or on Netflix now if it wasn't for this stupid accent. . . . So every summer, we're going to go to England so they learn my language."

"I just think the British accent sounds so nice, and a British accent holds so much weight in this country."

During the interview, Tan noted that he wants to teach his son Hindi and immerse him in South Asian culture. "You can take the boy out of Pakistan, you can't take Pakistan out of this boy no matter how hard you try. So there are many things I want to teach. First off, the first food — other than milk — that my son will taste will be Indian food. . . . There will only be Bollywood stuff in the house. There will be no, as we call it, 'white TV.' I want to fully embrace like '70s to 2003 Bollywood."

Of course, it makes sense that Tan would have his parenting methods planned out already, since he's wanted to be one for as long as he can remember. "I don't remember a time before wanting to be a parent," he told POPSUGAR in an interview earlier this month, commenting on his postponed work schedule that is allowing him to prepare for a baby sooner than expected. "But we would probably have had to wait until I'm done with Queer Eye and I'm done in entertainment before going down that road. And there are so many horrible things that happened last year for so many people, but for me, there was a silver lining and that was that I was afforded time to be able to start my family."

Watch the full video above to hear Tan tell the story of discussing baby names with his husband on one of their first dates and to hear the Queer Eye star gush about his baby-to-be.