Target's New Loyalty Program Is Here, and It's Another Reason to Add Extras Into Your Shopping Cart

Target has announced its own loyalty program, and I suddenly feel a lot less guilty about having my eye on the Dollar Spot all the time. If you've ever seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic then you probably understand how I react whenever I see a sign that says "DEAL" or "SALE" — I pretty much lose it and let my inner Target Lady take control. Luckily, Target Circle, which launches nationwide on Oct. 6, comes with a whole cart-full of incentives for shopping, including birthday rewards, so something tells me my weekly Target trip just became biweekly.

Anyone with a account, Cartwheel account, or RedCard credit or debit card will automatically be enrolled into the loyalty program for free, which allows non-RedCard holders to earn 1 percent back and anyone who does have a RedCard to earn 5 percent back on every purchase. To redeem any rewards, all you have to do is give your phone number at checkout or scan your Wallet barcode on the Target app. Pretty simple!

In addition to automatically receiving 5 percent off any Target run near your birthday, Target Circle also allows members one vote per transaction to have a say in where the company allocates its charitable contributions. The only catch? Earnings can't be redeemed on certain purchases, including alcohol, dairy products, prescriptions, Same Day Delivery items, and gift cards. All in all, it's still a pretty good deal — so catch me at Target loading up my cart with whatever catches my eye, including all of the cutest Halloween costumes, of course.