A Teacher Shared a "Conversation" She Had With a Student About Unmuting on Zoom, and Sounds Familiar!

A first-grade teacher by the name of Miss Franklin is well-versed in the perils that come with remote teaching. While she's used to hearing outlandish yet charming remarks from her students regularly, she recently shared a TikTok documenting how patience is absolutely a virtue when discussing the intricacies of muting etiquette with little ones.

"Uh Miss Franklin, I couldn't —, I couldn't try to —," a student began. "I couldn't —, I didn't try to — I umm can't try to get unmute — because when I put my mice down the mute thing, the mute thing, the chat thing, with the chat and the share, and the, and the, and the mute thing. I didn't see that coming up."

Naturally, Miss Franklin handled the student's concerns like a pro. "How dare that chat and mute thing," she captioned the video, which has amassed more than four million views so far. Anyone with little kids at home has probably had the same exact "conversation" at least a dozen times already, but hey, at least we aren't the only ones enduring it!