World's Coolest Teachers Get Students Hyped For Virtual School by Remixing "What's Poppin"

Callie Evans and Audri Williams went all out to get their students hyped about the first day of virtual school amid the pandemic. No, seriously: all. out. The Georgia-based teachers, who both work at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany, teamed up to remix Jack Harlow's hit song "What's Poppin" with a back-to-school-themed twist — and yep, like clockwork, their creative renditions have gone totally nuts on social media. Truly, there aren't enough fire emoji in the world to describe how incredible their lyrics are.

Both educators created and starred in their own top-notch music videos filmed in the halls of Monroe High with the school's cheerleaders providing the backup dancing. In Evans's version, seen above, she begins by rapping: "What's poppin'. Mrs. Evans on the beat, so tap in. You got options, but you better pass my class, no floppin'." She goes on to remind her students that she'll be watching to make sure they log in for class every day, and adds: "On the South, we do more than rap. Doing all we can, just to get you out the trap. Teaching, uplifting, motivating, and engaging. Our students going straight to the top, no cap." *Drops mic*

Meanwhile, Williams echoes sentiments about not letting the pandemic negatively affect her students' learning, and adds: "My school is the best, there's no competition. We at the top, no switchin' positions." While sharing the clip on Instagram, seen below, Williams wrote: "We are in for a wild ride this school year, but let's make the best of it! What better way to release all of the anxiety, doubts & fears of the school year than to dance & turn up."

Both Williams and Evans's remixes garnered hundreds of thousands of views across social media in just a few days, and even wound up catching the attention of the OG song's creator, Jack Harlow, who commented, "Yeahhhhhh miss Williams" on a clip. We hereby declare these two among the coolest teachers of 2020!