This Toddler Turned Himself Into Various Foods With Snapchat Filters, and OMG, the Lemon One

A 3-year-old named Tristan discovered the food filters on Snapchat and never looked back. In a compilation video posted to TikTok by his godmother, Cherisse, Tristan can be seen — well, his eyes and mouth, at least — trying out multiple filters, from a hot dog to a carrot and even a head of broccoli. At each jump to a new food, Tristan's happy toddler voice announces his new identity proudly, and it's extremely adorable (though things get a *little* sinister when he turns into a lemon).

TikTok users are loving the toddler's video so much — it has over 2.3 million views at press time! — that Cherisse shared a second video in which Tristan tackled animal filters. And let's just say we wish we had Tristan's energy during his lion filter phase. Watch Tristan turn into foods in the hilarious video above, and animals in the sweet video below.