OMG, Tim Allen Once Made a Kid Cry When Speaking in His Buzz Lightyear Voice

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The first rule of Fight Club Toy Story is: you cannot talk in your character's voice outside of the filming environment . . . and Tim Allen learned that the hard way! The actor recently sat down on The Kelly Clarkson Show where he told Kelly about a jarring incident that essentially forced him to use his Buzz Lightyear voice. He explained that he was in an elevator when he witnessed a young kid misbehaving and being rude to his mother, so he decided to unleash the wise words of Buzz onto this child.

"I said, 'To infinity and beyond, you shouldn't treat your mom like that,'" Tim shared. The kid was immediately shell-shocked and started crying, telling his mom, "That ugly man swallowed Buzz Lightyear!" Watch the video above and hear Tim's story about a time he and Tom Hanks (aka Woody) surprised patients at a children's hospital with their characters' voices.