This Toddler Smashing Baseballs Isn’t Even 2 Yet, So He’s Obviously Going to Be an MLB Star

Tim Gibbons, a hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles' double-A team, is taking working from home to a new level with his nearly-2-year-old son, Blake. As the son of a coach, it appears as though Blake's raw batting talent has been unearthed early, but with a natural aptitude like this, the little one definitely wouldn't have been able to hide his skills for long.

"He just loves to hit!" Tim told POPSUGAR of Blake, who turns 2 on May 25. "I'm constantly looking at swings and videos and I guess he has just eaten it up. I never ask him to hit, he always asks me!"

Move over, ARod, because here Blake comes! Watch Blake absolutely smash plastic baseballs in his backyard in the Instagram gallery above (Tim's "What?!" in the second slide's video is totally our reaction) as well as the video below.