A Toddler's Been Bringing a 5-Foot Decorative Skeleton Wherever He Goes, and It's Adorable

When Abigail Brady first saw her 2-year-old son, Theo, trying to lug a five-foot decorative skeleton up the stairs one morning, she didn't know what to think. Fast forward to two weeks later and the classic Halloween decoration — which Theo named Benny — has become another member of the family. Whether Abigail has plans to take her son to the beach or they're just hanging at home watching TV, Theo insists that Benny come along. Obviously, Abigail just had to document as many of their adventures as possible on social media.

"I purchased the skeleton a few years ago to put on my porch," Abigail told POPSUGAR. "When Theo was 1 year old last Halloween, he liked the skeleton and would give it high fives and loved having it close to him. A few weeks ago, I was down in the basement cleaning up some minor flooding and he found it. He insisted on taking it with him to play at the reservoir and refused to get out of the car without it. Since then they've been the best of friends!"

"He insisted on taking it with him to play at the reservoir and refused to get out of the car without it."

Given everything that's going on in the world right now, Abigail doesn't blame her son for wanting a new BFF, even if Benny is a little on the quiet side. "I think quarantine has been really hard on Theo," she said. "Prior to the pandemic, we did weekly play dates. But once we had to social distance, we had to stop those play dates. I think the skeleton helps to fill that void."

Abigail opted to share Theo's adventures with Benny because she knows that most people could use a laugh right about now. "My hope is that it brings people joy and makes people smile," she explained. "With everything crazy going on in 2020 the world could use some positivity."

Although Abigail admitted that Theo has recently been less adamant about bringing Benny with him every time they leave the house, he insists that Benny stays in his room every single night. Scroll ahead to get a look at Theo's adorable relationship with his new best friend.

Theo Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas With Benny the Skeleton

Theo Reading a Book With Benny the Skeleton

Theo Hanging Out With Benny the Skeleton in the Driveway

Theo Unboxing a New Best Friend With Benny the Skeleton

A Montage of Theo and Benny the Skeleton's Most Memorable Moments