This Comedian's Video Will Help Parents Finally Understand TikTok — Well, Kinda

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Ever wonder what TikTok actually stands for? According to Trey Kennedy, it's an abbreviation for "Totally Inappropriate Kids Thirst-Trapping Others Knowingly," and we're inclined to believe him. A comedian with loads of hysterical parody videos, Trey recently shared a skit titled "TikTok School," in which he teaches the ins and outs of the wildly popular social media platform. If you're a parent who's still stumped about the app, his lessons sum up pretty much everything you need to know — well, sort of.

While sharing the qualities one must possess in order to be successful on TikTok, Trey broke out into Megan Thee Stallion's hit song "Savage." "You need to be one or more of these things: cute, charismatic, talented, classy, boujee, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty," he said while simultaneously doing the dance moves commonly associated with the song. He went on to note, "These kids on TikTok are driving the music industry, and they can't even drive. Write that down; it's gonna be on the quiz." Hah! Watch the entire video above to see Trey divulge more sad-but-true words of wisdom about Gen Z's favorite app.