As an Introvert, This Video About Us vs. Extroverts During Social Distancing Is So Spot On

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Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, social distancing has affected you and your social life in some way. If you're an introvert, chances are not too much of your nightly routine has changed (you watched movies and stayed in long before it became mandatory). If anything, you might be a little relieved to not have to come up with excuses to cancel plans anymore. But if you're an extrovert, you're probably really struggling with the huge lack of social interactions and attention from others. And if you want to feel very seen right now with whatever it is you're feeling, Trey Kennedy has got your back.

His latest parody video perfectly captures the struggles for both introverts and extroverts during social distancing. And while each side is hilariously accurate on its own, it's also even more real for those of us who live with someone who is the opposite. Case in point? The video's opening in which the extrovert exclaims, "I need attention from others!," while the introvert happily declares, "Welcome to my paradise." Watch the full video above for a much-needed laugh.