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14 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked The Duchess

If You Finished The Duchess in a Weekend, Add These 14 Shows to Your Queue

14 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked The Duchess
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Single moms don't always get their due when it comes to good television. The Duchess, from creator and lead actress Katherine Ryan, seeks to remedy that by giving her eponymous character a life as full-bodied and robust as the red wine she drinks. In her Netflix series, Ryan divulges all the nitty-gritty details, and more often than not, hilarious dilemmas that single mothers face on a daily basis. From ensuring a good relationship with their child's second parent to balancing a dating life to keeping up with the latest trends, mothers tackle it all.

As more women infiltrate the boys' club of Hollywood, more intimate and vivid depictions of motherhood and unabashed feminine life are entering the cannon. For those who lapped up the first season of The Duchess, here are 14 more shows just as relatable and hilarious.

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