205 Victorian-Inspired Baby Names That Are Ready For Their Comeback

Right now, Victorian baby names are experiencing a surge in popularity. That's not a huge surprise. Besides the interest in popular period dramas like Bridgerton, Victorian baby names are known for being timeless and surprisingly varied in terms of vibe — there are Victorian baby names for parents-to-be who are looking for something ethereal and dreamy, classic and polished, unusual and unique, just plain cute, and everything in between.

An worth-knowing tidbit: the Victorian era refers to the years of Queen Victoria's reign in England, 1837 to 1901. The following names originated in that period or were inspired by names that did; we also included the baby name meanings, sourced on Nameberry. They may be worth adding to your list of potential baby names — or at least reading through to see if they spark any inspiration.

Victorian Boy Names

  • Abraham: Father of multitudes
  • Albert: Noble, bright
  • Alfred: Wise counselor

  • Alvin
    : Noble friend

  • Anton:
    Variation of Anthony, which means "from Antium"
  • Archie: Variation of Archibald, which means "truly brave"
  • Arnold: Ruler, strong as an eagle

  • Arthur:

  • Augustus:
    Great, magnificent
  • Baxter: Baker
  • Benedict: Blessed
  • Bernard: Strong, brave as a bear
  • Bram: Variation of Abraham, which means "father of multitudes"
  • Cassius: Hollow
  • Cecil: Blind
  • Charles: Man, free man
  • Christian: Anointed one or follower of Christ
  • Chester: Fortress, walled town
  • Clarence: Bright

  • Claude:
    Lame, enclosure

  • Clifford:
    Lives near the ford by the cliff
  • Clyde: Scottish river name
  • Colin: Diminutive of Nicholas
  • Douglas: Black water
  • Duncan: Dark warrior

  • Earl:
    English aristocratic title
  • Edgar: Wealthy spearsman
  • Edison: Son of Edith or Adam
  • Edmund: Fortunate protector
  • Edward: Wealthy guardian

  • Edwin:
    Wealthy friend
  • Elmer: Noble and renowned
  • Enoch: Dedicated
  • Ephraim: Fruitful, fertile, productive

  • Ernest:
    Serious, resolute
  • Eugene: Wellborn, noble
  • Everett: Brave boar

  • Ewart:
    Shepherd, wealthy guardian
  • Fletcher: Arrow-maker
  • Floyd: Gray-haired
  • Frank: Frenchman or free man
  • George: Farmer
  • Gilbert: Shining pledge
  • Grover: Lives near a grove of trees
  • Harold: Army ruler
  • Harvey: Battle worthy
  • Henry: Estate ruler
  • Herbert: Bright army
  • Howard: Brave heart
  • Hugh: Mind, intellect
  • Ira: Watchful one, peace
  • Ives: Yew wood
  • Jack: Diminutive of John, meaning "God is gracious"
  • James: Supplanter
  • John: God is gracious
  • Julius: Youthful, downy-bearded
  • Larkin: Rough, fierce
  • Lawrence: From Laurentium
  • Leo: Lion
  • Lester: English place-name; phonetic form of Leicester

  • Livingstone:
    Someone who travels into little-known regions, missionary

  • Lloyd:

  • Louis:
    Renowned warrior

  • Lord:
    Loaf keeper

  • Ludwig:
    Famous warrior
  • Luther: Army people
  • Mack: Son of
  • Marion: Derivative of Mary, drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved
  • Martin: Warlike
  • Merritt: Boundary gate

  • Milton:
    Settlement with a mill
  • Oliver: Olive tree
  • Oscar: God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior
  • Otis: Variation of Otto, which means wealthy
  • Otto: Wealthy
  • Palmerston: One who holds a palm
  • Patrick: Noble, patrician
  • Percy: Surname from place name Perci-en-Auge
  • Phineas: The Nubian
  • Ralph: Wolf-counsel
  • Raymond: Wise protector
  • Robert: Bright fame
  • Roy: Red-haired
  • Samuel: Told by God
  • Silas: Of the forest; or prayed for
  • Stanley: Near the stony clearing
  • Sterling: Of the highest quality
  • Sidney: Saint Denis
  • Simeon: He [God] has heard
  • Simon: He has heard; flat-nosed
  • Temple: Dweller near the temple
  • Thaddeus: Gift of God
  • Theodore: Gift of God

  • Thomas:
  • Victor: Conqueror
  • Virgil: Staff bearer
  • Walter: Army ruler
  • Warren: Park keeper
  • Watson: Son of Wat or son of Walter
  • Wellington: People living in the hamlet in the cleared area near the temple
  • Wilbur: Resolute, brilliant
  • Wiley: Resolute protection; from Wylye
  • William: Resolute protection

Victorian Girl Names

  • Ada: Noble, nobility
  • Adelaide: Noble, nobility
  • Adelia: Noble, nobility
  • Adolpha: Noble wolf
  • Agatha: Good woman
  • Agnes: Pure
  • Alberta: Noble, bright
  • Alexandra: Defending men

  • Alfreda:
    Elf power
  • Alice: Noble
  • Alma: Soul
  • Anna: Grace
  • Arabella: Yielding to prayer
  • Audrey: Noble strength
  • Augusta: Great, magnificent
  • Beatrice: She who brings happiness, blessed
  • Bessie: Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning pledged to God
  • Beryl: Sea-green jewel
  • Beulah: Married
  • Blanche: White
  • Briar: A thorny patch

  • Caroline:
    Free man
  • Charlotte: Free man
  • Clara: Bright, clear
  • Clementine: Mild, merciful
  • Constance: Steadfastness
  • Cora: Maiden
  • Cordelia: Heart; daughter of the sea
  • Daphne: Laurel tree, bay tree
  • Della: Diminutive of Adela, meaning noble
  • Doris: Gift of the ocean
  • Dorothy: Gift of God
  • Ebba: Fortress of riches, or strength of a boar
  • Edith: Prosperous in war
  • Edna: Rejuvenation, delight
  • Effie: Pleasant speech
  • Eleanora: Form of Eleanor, meaning unknown
  • Elizabeth: Pledged to God
  • Ella: All, completely; fairy maiden
  • Elsie: Pledged to God
  • Emmeline: Work
  • Estelle: Star
  • Esther: Star
  • Ethel: Noble maiden
  • Eveline: Desired; or water, island
  • Evie: Life
  • Frances: From France; free man
  • Flora: Flower
  • Florence: Flourishing, prosperous
  • Grace: Grace
  • Gertrude: Strength of a spear
  • Harriet: Estate ruler
  • Hattie: Diminutive of Harriet, meaning estate ruler
  • Hazel: The hazelnut tree
  • Helena: Torch; shining light
  • Ida: Industrious one
  • Irene: Peace
  • Jane: God is gracious
  • Josepha: Jehovah increases
  • Josephine: Jehovah increases
  • Kate: Diminutive of Katherine, meaning pure
  • Lena: Bright, beautiful
  • Lillian: Lily; pledged to God
  • Lottie: Free man

  • Louise:
    Renowned warrior
  • Luella: Variation of Louella, which was a combination of Louise and Ella
  • Lula: Renowned warrior
  • Mabel: Diminutive of Amabel, meaning lovable
  • Mae: Diminutive of Mary or Margaret, meaning bitter or pearl
  • Maisie: Diminutive of Mary or Margaret, meaning bitter or pearl
  • Mamie: Diminutive of Mary or Margaret, meaning pearl
  • Margaret: Pearl
  • Marie: Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved
  • Marjorie: Diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl
  • Martha: Lady
  • Matilda: Battle-mighty
  • Mattie: Diminutive of Martha or Matilda, meaning lady or battle-mighty
  • Maude: Diminutive of Matilda, meaning battle-mighty
  • Melita: Honey
  • Mildred: Gentle strength
  • Minnie: Diminutive of Minerva, meaning of the mind, intellect
  • Myrtle: Myrtle
  • Nannie: Variation of Hannah, meaning grace
  • Nellie: Diminutive of Helen or Eleanor, meaning horn
  • Norah: Woman of honor, light
  • Ottilie: Prosperous in battle
  • Pearl: Pearl
  • Penelope: Weaver
  • Rayne: Queen
  • Rosie: Rose
  • Ruperta: Bright fame
  • Sadie: Diminutive of Sarah, meaning princess
  • Sarah: Princess
  • Theodora: Gift of God
  • Tillie: Battle mighty
  • Vera: Faith
  • Victoria: Victory
  • Viola: Violet
  • Wilhelmina: Resolute protection
  • Willie: Resolute protector
  • Winnie: Diminutive of Winifred, meaning holy peacemaking, gentle friend
  • Zadie: Variation of Sadie, meaning princess