This Video of J Lo's Son Serving ARod Sparkling Water on a Hoverboard Is the Laugh You Need

Even the Lopez-Rodriguez crew are going a little stir crazy while social distancing, but it's OK, because Jennifer Lopez's 12-year-old son is providing enough entertainment for us all. In a video posted to Instagram, the performer's son, Max, can be seen entering the backyard from the house on a hoverboard, complete with a tray of Pellegrino sparkling water. Max shows off a drink-pouring trick to Alex Rodriguez while spinning on his board, but the real laughs come in the second half of the video, when he whips out his best dance moves.

J Lo can be heard cracking up behind the camera as Max approaches her spot in the backyard while shaking his hips on the bright-red hoverboard, and hearing her laugh and watching Max do his thing is just the humor we needed today. Watch the hilarious video above!