This Video Shows the Urgency of Completing *All* Your Chores Minutes Before Your Parents Come Home

Social media personality Daniel LaBelle knows what it's like to do a last-minute cursory clean before his parents get home! In a hilarious video that's making its rounds on Instagram, he and a friend perfectly illustrate what happens when you leave your parents' to-do list to the last second, and we'd say "moving at warp speed" pretty much sums it up.

He captioned the clip, "When mom says she's almost home," and it completely transported us back to our childhoods when we scrambled to get every chore done in 10 minutes after playing video games all afternoon. From the initial look the two men share to throwing the recycling out the window, teamwork certainly makes the dream work.

Based on the more than 366,000 views on Instagram and counting, it's clear that many siblings have been in the same position before. We sincerely wish our kiddos would move through their chore lists with the same vigor!