The Way This Little Boy Scooters Is the Exact Level of Sassy I'm Trying to Be

Remember that adorable young boy who gained TikTok fame for thinking "popsicle" is pronounced "f*ck a bus"? Welp, it turns out he was destined for internet stardom. The very same tiny tot is now making the internet collectively smile again, but this time, his uniquely sassy scooter-riding method is the center of attention.

In a montage of clips captured by his aunt, blogger Mik Zazon, the 2-year-old is seen riding his bright green scooter with his left leg flicked up as Yung Bae's "Bad Boy" plays in the background. I personally would've been inclined to choose Chamillionaire's iconic 2005 hit about "ridin' dirty," but Mik's song choice is nevertheless iconic.

Ever since Mik shared the adorable video on both TikTok and Instagram, many of her followers have shown their love for it by recreating her nephew's signature scootering move in their own homes and tagging her in the videos on social media. Meanwhile, others (myself included) have used it as inspiration for creative memes, because the possibilities are truly endless.

Here are just a few of my takes on what the youngster's hilarious scootering could signify:

  • Me waltzing to my bar cart as soon as the clock strikes 5:01 p.m.
  • Me racing to the group chat when I have piping-hot tea to share
  • Me heading to the kitchen for my 17th snack of the day
  • Me on my way to my first post-self-isolation brunch
  • Me on my way to literally any and every activity once self-isolation is over, for that matter
  • Me dodging drunk 2 a.m. texts and calls from my ex
  • Me ignoring my haters
  • Me walking to my couch after changing into my "fancy sweatpants"
  • Me on my way to make the exact bad decision my friends told me not to make
  • Me showing off my fresh post-social-distancing haircut

How would you caption a meme featuring this video?