Kate Hudson and Her Daughter Prove Meditation Is Fun at Any Age in This Cute Video

Kate Hudson blessed her Instagram followers this week with a daily dose of cute when she shared a video of her morning meditation session, featuring a special guest star. The actress and self-proclaimed yoga lover was joined by her daughter, Rani Rose, who sat on her lap.

In the video, both mama and daughter are sitting in a perfect butterfly stretch position with the soles of their feet pressed together. Two-year-old Rani Rose raises her arms above her head excitedly before Kate gently corrects her form and lowers them to her knees — the duo are then ready to begin their meditation. Like a true yogi in the making, Rani Rose joins her mom in saying "om." No doubt energized by her moment of mindfulness, the toddler immediately runs off to play, adorably proving that meditation is a great way to jumpstart your day.

This is not the first time Kate's daughter has helped with her mom's morning yoga routine. An aww-inspiring Instagram video from August shows the little one climbing on Kate's legs and back as she goes through a series of poses. The Fabletics cofounder has always been passionate about wellness, and she clearly loves sharing that passion with her kids, too.

The cute video was also a nice reminder that meditation is a fun, calming activity to do as a family. Whether it's using a meditation app to practice taking deep breaths or simply recreating Kate's video at home with your toddler, there are plenty of fun ways to bond as a family while introducing kids to helpful mindfulness habits.

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