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Ways Moms Can Be Active With Their Daughters

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In partnership with Athleta Girl, we rounded up ways to help moms stay active with their daughters and bond while they're at it!

Even if your daughter is heading back into the classroom in some way this school year, she's likely spending a lot more time at home with you right now. Which means a lot more free time to fill! It's easy to channel that pent-up energy she'd usually expend on after-school sports, hanging with friends, and extracurriculars into fun activities you can do as a mother-daughter duo. Plus, it gives you a little extra one-on-one time that you normally wouldn't get (we see you, moms of busy preteens).

We've rounded up some unique mom-daughter activities you can do together to get you both moving and the endorphins flowing, even if you're just dancing around the living room. From hikes to scavenger hunts, keep reading for eight ways to keep your daughter engaged and get you both back in the game.