You Don't Need to Have Kids to Support Your Mom Friends — Here Are Some Ways to Pitch In

For parents who have been home with their kids for several weeks due to social distancing orders, the struggle is real. Between becoming teachers overnight, working, and keeping up with their parenting duties, it's no surprise that most moms out there could use a little break. And although non-parents can't babysit IRL, there are plenty of ways they can help the moms from afar. So if you're missing your nieces and nephews or just want to hang out with your friend's little one, these ideas will give the parents in your life the few minutes of peace they so deserve on Mother's Day and beyond.

1. Offer to Virtually Babysit

For parents who have been watching their kids 24/7 for the last few weeks, even a half-hour of quiet thanks to a virtual babysitter is bliss! Set up a few minutes to have a video call with the little kids in your life. Get creative by reading them a story virtually or setting up a scavenger hunt they can complete by having them look for certain things in your house.

2. Drop Off a Home-Cooked Meal

Your friends don't need to have just given birth to drop off a dish! Simply make one of your favorite recipes and leave it on their doorstep in a reusable container. We bet dollars to doughnuts they'll appreciate not making dinner one evening. Here are some great meal ideas to get you started.

3. Compile a List of Fun Activities For the Kids

Trying to keep little ones entertained is certainly a full-time job. See any sweet activities, coloring pages, or games on social media? Make a list and send 'em over to the mama in your life. Taking out the day's guesswork will be much appreciated.

4. Send a Care Package

If you have stickers or temporary tattoos laying around, put them in a sturdy envelope and send them to your BFF's family. The children will love the sweet surprise, and parents will love the thoughtfulness.

5. Order Them a Treat!

Nothing quite says "I love you!" like a warm cup of coffee or delicious dessert. All you need is their address to order their favorite treats to their doorstep using a food delivery app. Bonus points for supporting local businesses!

6. Leave Instructions For a Mini Spa Day on Their Doorstep

Even if you don't have any extra bottles of bubbles and soap laying around, you can put together a relaxing afternoon for the parent in your life. Simply give your mom friend a Spotify playlist of relaxing music, a few breathing exercises, and a box of her favorite tea.

7. Offer to Take Over Homework Time Virtually

Now that parents are also playing teacher to their children, giving them a break from math, science, and language arts might be just what they need. Dedicate an hour to helping the kids in your life with their assignments so mom can catch up on her favorite show.