A Mom Is Speaking Out After She Was Told to Stop Babying Her 4-Year-Old Son

Mom Caitlin Fladager is 100 percent over the negative stereotypes about boys brought on by toxic masculinity. In a Facebook post, the mom detailed why she's been especially frustrated by adults who criticize her for "coddling" her 4-year-old son — and she makes some pretty good points.

"I'm so tired of being told I 'baby' my son," she wrote, explaining that he's always gone to her for comfort. "⁣⁣Now, with him being four, he gets hurt? He runs crying for mommy. ⁣⁣He's sick? He wants all the mom cuddles. ⁣⁣He's overtired and fighting his sleep? I'm climbing into bed with him until he calms down."

Although ⁣⁣Caitlin is pretty in tune to what her young son needs, she can't help but ignore some questionable advice she's gotten from other parents recently. After all, there's nothing wrong with boys showing their emotions.

"He is not 'weak' or less than for showing emotion and needing me. I am raising him to know men can cry, too."


"I'm constantly told I need to let him 'be a man' or let him learn he can't cry," she said. "Well, I'm here to tell you that's a load of sh*t. ⁣⁣He will always be my baby. I will always validate his feelings. I will always kiss his boo-boos better. ⁣⁣I am teaching my kids that their feelings are important. That they can cry when they are upset. That they can call on me anytime, and I will come running with arms open. I'm teaching that to both my daughter and son."

Now, Caitlin has a PSA for those who think she's giving into her son's emotions and affections too much. "⁣⁣I will ignore your judgmental looks. ⁣⁣I will ignore you telling me I baby him too much," she said. "⁣⁣I will ignore you telling me I need to 'toughen him up.'"

She added: "⁣⁣He is my child. He is not 'weak' or less than for showing emotion and needing me. I am raising him to know men can cry, too. Men can have needs, too. Men can get overwhelmed, too. ⁣Maybe if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed, we wouldn't have so many men struggling to emphasize with emotions."