A Mom's Urging Parents to Have "Realistic Expectations" While Traveling With Kids During the Holidays

Meredith Masony, a mother and writer at That's Inappropriate, has a little PSA for parents ahead of the holidays: you're probably going to need to remind your kids several times to behave. In a now-viral Facebook post, she explained why expecting your holiday travel plans with children to resemble a fairy tale will only set you up for failure.

"Please remember to have realistic expectations as you travel with your family this holiday season," she wrote. "I was waiting to use the bathroom at the mini golf place and I overheard a mom telling her kid to 'Be grateful and stop asking for more. We have been doing everything you wanted to do all day and you keep asking to do more things! Just stop already!'"

The conversation stuck a cord with Meredith, as she'd also spoke the same words to her kids time and time again. Now, she's warning parents that, yes, there will likely be some tantrums, bickering, or straight-up meltdowns — but that's part of life with kids.

"I wanted to tell that mom when she opened the bathroom door, that I had that exact conversation with my kids at least twice since this trip started," said Meredith. "Don't let those awful, unrealistic Hallmark moments that you envision become your expectations. You will fail each and every time. My kids fought several times while at the sledding place, and again at mini golf."

Her advice? Give yourself some time to breathe, and don't be so dang hard on yourself.

"As moms we carry the weight of the world, and everyone else's shit, literally in our hands," she said. "Show yourself some compassion and just be realistic. So, mom in the bathroom, my kids were jerks today too, and that's totally normal."