A Family Dressed Up as Will Ferrell Characters, and What an Adorable Ron Burgundy!

Halloween is the time to pay homage to your favorite characters in pop culture, and a mom named Nikki took her obsession with Will Ferrell to the next level by creating a full-fledged family Halloween costume to honor the famous comedian. She shared her handiwork to Instagram with the caption, "This just in . . . kill the Malaysian prime minister, you jive turkey! I'm Ron Burgundy?" and there's no denying that's the cutest little Anchorman double we've ever laid eyes on.

Feeling creative, Nikki opted to hammer the theme home by dressing up as Zoolander's nefarious villain, Jacobim Mugatu. Don't you love her goatee and adorable doggy sidekick? Meanwhile, her husband donned a Jackie Moon get-up — who can forget the extra-goofy basketball player from Semi-Pro? All around, this memorable three-person costume deserves a round of applause. They completely nailed it!