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6 Ways to Style a Dress

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / Nordstrom

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff

Having trouble finding a perfect dress for Fall? We partnered with Nordstrom to find one great piece that will look great on everyone.

Ever glance around your office in admiration of the trendsetters around you, and think, "I wish I could wear something like that"? We know we have.

But when it comes to experimenting with different outfits, "wearing something like that" is just a matter of giving it your personal touch. If you don't like short hemlines, put on a pair of opaque stockings. If you wish something was more figure-flattering, tuck it in or cinch a thick belt at the waist. There are no rules. To prove it, we found six POPSUGAR staffers who were up to the fashion task of trying on a sharp button-front shirtdress and telling us how they felt about it.

The Dress

Wayf Button Front Shirtdress ($68)