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How to Incorporate These Beloved 90s Trends Into Your Closet

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Source: TILLYS

We all have fond memories of the brands we couldn't stop wearing. Teaming up with TILLYS, we're proving you still don’t have to give them up!

From your first pair of Vans to the Adidas sweatshirt you practically lived in, there are certain clothing items you never forget. While styles have changed, the trusted brands you know and love are still going strong in 2019 — not to mention, the '90s are trending again. Remember when you couldn't imagine living without your favorite Roxy tee? Today there are just-as-sweet variations you can totally wear now — and feel confident in!

Ahead, find must-have looks completely 2019 approved that feature flashback brands like Adidas, Dickies, Herschel, Vans, Roxy, and more — all available at TILLYS. These outfits will take you back, making you feel like a '90s queen with just a few key pieces. But above all, they're stylish, on-trend looks you didn't even realize your closet was missing. Who's ready for a major dose of nostalgia?