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Alexa Chung Gray Sweater Dress

Surprise! You'll Want to Wear a Sweater Dress Next Week

When it comes to the unofficial list of modern-day style icons, Alexa Chung's name is there (and basically written in permanent marker). Whether it's her affinity for flats in a formal situation or her dedication to a signature piece, her personal style feels completely authentic and offers up tons of easy inspiration for our own dressing. And her latest look left us wanting something we never would've anticipated craving for Spring.

It was the sweater dress, standard Fall-wear, that looked especially adorable with a mini frame bag and chunky patent leather sandals. The very best part of all was that we saw her wearing the look for a formal occasion and then dressed down for normal life. Keep scrolling for the key styling takeaways from both, as well as similar (and affordable!) items to re-create it yourself.

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