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Best Machine-Washable Pants

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Banana Republic

Goodbye, dry-cleaning! We've partnered with Banana Republic to bring you the pants you already know and love, now in an easy-to-clean fabric.

In a world of expensive fabrics and even more expensive dry-cleaning bills, sometimes all we want is to wear a cute outfit, then toss it in the washing machine afterwards. Cue Banana Republic, which heard our pleas and delivered in the form of the new machine-washable version of its bestselling Sloan Pants. With a flattering cut and comfortable fit, these dress pants have long been a go-to staple in our work wardrobes, and now there's even more reason to love them. No dry-cleaning, no plastic bags, and no wire hangers equals more time, more money, and more saving the planet! Plus, the easy-to-clean fabric means you don't need to save these pants for work — you can wear them on the weekends, too! With 15 colors and prints, regular and curvy fits, and multiple inseam options, they'll quickly become your closet's new MVP — most valuable pants. Check out our favorites ahead!