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Best Shoe Styles For Holiday Parties

POPSUGAR / Brand Publisher Content By / ShoeDazzle

Remember party season last year? When you felt like you could barely keep up with the demands of the holidays? When events kept springing up left and right? You were forced to wear the same outfit two nights in a row, hoping that the IG photos just looked like they were from the same night. How embarrassing! Now you're at the point where your shoe closet makes you wonder how other people do it. Seriously, how the heck does any girl have the right shoes for every party?

The real issue? Why, oh why, are you waiting until the last minute to be prepared for your holiday outfits? Thanksgiving dinner with your SO's family obviously calls for a completely different shoe than New Year's Eve with the girls. Same with your holiday office parties and every other event that you know will pop up this year. So, get prepared early! Line your closet with the perfect holiday shoes that will make everyone forget about that "same outfit, different nights" nightmare from last year. Ahead is a list of our top five shoes for every kind of holiday party, all courtesy of ShoeDazzle.

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