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Easy Trends to Try Spring 2018

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Keds

Fashion trends may come and go, but they shouldn't have to feel exclusive. We've partnered with Keds to round up a handful of versatile trends that anyone can make work for their unique style.

As much as we love filling Pinterest boards with aspirational runway looks and scouring Instagram when we're running low on outfit ideas, the majority of fashion trends can be intimidating. They also tend to flatter certain body types or styles best. If this sounds all too familiar, we're here to give you a hand. Instead of feeling repeatedly disappointed or writing off trendy looks entirely, just choose the ones you commit to with care.

To help take a bit of the guessing out of trends, we've narrowed down a handful of universal options that anyone can try — no matter your height, profession, or personal aesthetic. Better yet, they're all available in so many cuts, colors, and variations that you won't feel limited at all. From earrings all the way down to shoes, see our picks ahead and prepare to up the ante on your daily outfits, ASAP.

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