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Elizabeth Taylor's Best Hat Moments

Elizabeth Taylor Had Some of the Strongest Hat Game in Hollywood History — and It's Perfect Inspiration

Going big in a Bulgari headdress at the "Save Venice" masked ball in 1967.

It's been seven years since Elizabeth Taylor passed away, and the Hollywood legend left behind a legacy of classic films, HIV/AIDS activism, and iconic style. Elizabeth found a way to make the trends of each decade work for her, whether it was the form-fitting dresses of the 1950s, the floaty caftans of the '60s and '70s, or the shoulder pads and bold prints of the '80s. But one major style staple that Elizabeth owned more than any other was her headwear. Liz had some of the strongest hat game in Hollywood, from oversize headdresses to bright, artfully wrapped scarves. While she certainly didn't begin the headwrap craze, Elizabeth Taylor definitely made it one of her signatures. Read on for the legendary actress's most stylish headwear moments.

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