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A Fashion Editor Dressed Me For a Week

POPSUGAR / paid for by / ModCloth

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ashley Batz

Ever wondered what it would be like to let someone else dress you? We partnered with ModCloth to show you what happened when a fashion editor took the reins and dressed someone for five days.

This is me. On a normal day, I don't look so nervous (or bite my nails), but this was my overall vibe a few weeks ago right before I gave up my normal wardrobe of comfy jeans and tees and handed my fashion sense over to my co-worker. But not just any co-worker — a fashion editor.

You know the fashion editor types — always taking risks with their looks, drawing outside the lines, and overall making everyone jealous of their expert pairings of patterns and textures. But me? I could never pull that stuff off. I am too tall, too wide, too insert-ridiculous-excuse-here. And actually, it's that exact statement that landed me in this situation in the first place — saying that I could "never pull that off" so often that my co-worker's eyeballs finally rolled right out of her skull right before she dared me to let her dress me for an entire week, no questions asked.

I didn't think it would ever happen, but obviously, it did. So while I didn't know what to expect during that fateful week where my look was concerned, I didn't see the total mindshift that would take place from getting outside my comfort zone, either.

Unexpected benefit? Bonus byproduct? Find out as I share my day-to-day thoughts and feelings (oh-so-many feelings) in the following account.

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