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How to Dress Cozy and Stylish in Fall

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Victoria's Secret

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It's almost Fall, which means stocking up on comfortable pieces to help you embrace the hygge lifestyle. We've partnered with Victoria's Secret to show you how to create the autumnal wardrobe of your dreams.

This Fall, while the leaves turn from green to a riot of reds, oranges, and yellows and our iced coffee orders get replaced with something warmer and pumpkin flavored, our closet is undergoing its own seasonal shift. As the days get colder and the weather gets more unpredictable, our wardrobe starts the slow rotation from Summer to Winter. The transformation occurs one layer at a time, and while everyone loves Autumn's sweater weather, it can be a bit tricky to dress for. Tights? Boots? Wool? Cable knits? Save all that for the dead of Winter, but still stay nice and cozy for any occasion this season when you create a Fall wardrobe using these key pieces.