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How to Pick the Right Coat Length

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We've partnered with T.J.Maxx to help you find your wardrobe staple for the season ahead.

Fall fashion is all about outerwear. Find the right coat and it can top almost any ensemble, from a dress and boots to jeans and a sweater. But with all the endless options out there, it can be daunting to find that one beautiful, ultraflattering coat you'll wear outfit after outfit, season after season. For starters, fit is everything. Sport one that's too short and you risk looking disproportionate, while throwing one on that's too long can overwhelm your frame.

To help you find that special piece, we put together a few helpful guidelines on what type of coat to look for based on your height. Whether you're petite or over 5'6", keep reading to see which high-quality topper is right for you.