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Mood-Lifting Fashion Items

3 Mood-Lifting Things to Buy Right Now

Check out and click into this great post from InStyle to get all the details about adding a little Spring boost to your wardrobe!

I don't know about you, but I have had it up to here with winter! Maybe you're one of lucky few who gets to split their time between the North and South or the East and West, but this year, states from California through the Carolinas shivered through the month of February.

So here are three things you can buy and wear right now to boost your pre-spring endorphins:

1. Buy something in a warm hue. You may be amused to hear me make this suggestion since I have often talked about my own preference of a neutral color palette. My range typically goes from black to gray and ivory to camel. But color definitely affects one's mood, and a little goes a long way. I'm not saying you should suddenly embrace hot pink and taxi-cab yellow if brights are out of your comfort zone (and whatever you do, stay away from neon colors, unless you are a lifeguard or do road work!). But shades with warm undertones—whether they are "cosmetic colors" such as blush, peach, and mocha or jewel-tones such as garnet, topaz, and cinnabar—can really warm up your wardrobe and bring a little color to your face.

2. Buy something that sparkles like the sun. A young woman who used to work for me always said she was like a seagull; show her something that glitters and she can't help but go for it. At this time of year, I totally get it. After months of wearing tweed, leather, and herringbone, I need a little razzle-dazzle! It could be a faceted earring, a metallic shoe, or a top with a sprinkling of crystals or sequins. It's all about reflected light.

3. Buy something with a nod towards nature. Let yourself go a little wild! Perhaps store your stark and linear graphic patterns for now, and allow some unruly floral and animal prints into your life. Spring is coming! A little Pagan celebration couldn't hurt. Could it?

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