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Skinny Jean Trend 2017

17 Reasons to Give Skinny Jeans Another Shot in 2017

Skinny Jean Trend 2017

While my personal relationships are all pretty healthy, the one I have with jeans is anything but. Last year, I broke up with skinny styles, ridding my closet of anything too binding. I'm a creature of comfort, after all. I love boyfriend cuts, cropped options, and will even ditch denim for track pants. But here's my confession: I'm ready to take skinnies back.

When we first parted ways, I considered my skinny jeans the opposite of flattering. On my body, they seemed to highlight what I didn't want highlighted (my hip area), and a looser fit was definitely comfier. Recently, however, my boyfriend jeans have lost their thrill. They've started to feel shlumpy and lazy, and weigh down my petite frame if I'm not wearing heels (and I rarely wear heels).

I've started to realize skinnies actually do create flattering proportions, especially if they hit right above the ankle. Anyone of any size can pull 'em off, too, and it doesn't matter if you're wearing a tank, tee, or bulky sweater — they'll always look great, putting curves on display (and hugging your booty).

Even boyfriend jeans are being phased out, with tighter "girlfriend" and "mom" styles taking their place. The move towards slimmer cuts have convinced me skinnies are climbing their way back to the top, but don't just take my word for it. Read more for the proof!

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