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Striped Lace Dresses

The Zero-Risk Way to Wear Horizontal Stripes

By now, every woman alive has heard of the supposed dangers of horizontal stripes: they're tough to wear, far from flattering, and guaranteed to make you look much wider than you really are. But when you look at Emma Stone, in Chloé Pre-Fall 2014 and Christian Louboutin heels, all of that nonsense pretty much goes out the window. While side-to-side lines might not be the smartest choice for a body-con number, her floaty, loose look is all about movement and ease.

They key styling tips to notice from her two-piece look? The lace is sheer, letting the curves of her body peek through a little, and the lightness avoids the bulkiness that might come with a thicker fabric. And the under layer has a deep, deep v-neck, giving the boxy stripes a little bit of needed sex appeal.

We're willing to bet you're just as drawn to the look as us, and, as such, we've shopped it out with similar styles below. Shop now, and step into Spring with confidence. You, sister, have a dress that you can wear to multiple occasions for the next half of a year.

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