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What to Pack For Spring Break 2018

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Still searching for Spring break ideas? We've got you covered. We've partnered with Keds to make your travel plans totally seamless — even when it comes to packing.

It seems like we were ringing in the new year just yesterday, yet somehow Spring break season is right around the corner. Eek! But before you frantically text your group chat to start making travel plans or lose sleep over rising flight prices, allow us to step in.

We've been keeping close tabs on the buzziest travel destinations of 2018 and narrowed down our top three favorites. From irresistibly charming towns by the shore to photo-worthy natural wonders, these spots are conveniently located stateside, so you won't need a passport — or even an airline ticket, if you're down for a road trip — to get there! Keep reading to learn more about each location, including helpful packing suggestions that will make pretrip prep a breeze.

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