I Found the Perfect Statement Headband on Amazon — and It's Less Than $3

POPSUGAR Photography | Emilee Janitz
POPSUGAR Photography | Emilee Janitz
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Headbands can be a divisive accessory. On one hand, they're practical in the sense that they keep your hair out of your face — a godsend in pandemic times — and on the other, they call to mind a certain preppy nostalgia that feels cutesy and, well, borderline basic. Regardless of the latter, I've become a newly minted fan of statement headbands. Though I was skeptical at first, I simply cannot deny how seamlessly headbands add polish to any ensemble and, let's be honest, act as literal saviors on dirty hair days (I see you, updo). If you've tried this timeless trend, then you know all too well that there's just something about a headband that can tie your whole outfit together. Plus, who couldn't use another easy (and affordable) way to accessorize for Zoom?

In my recent foray into the world of headbands, I've tried my fair share of styles. And while there are a lot of winners out there, these Makone Wide Knot Pearl Headbands ($15 for six) from Amazon are my tried-and-true favorites, hands down. Let me tell you why.

Headbands add polish to any ensemble and, let's be honest, act as literal saviors on dirty hair days.

First and foremost, they're so comfortable, which is a huge sell for anyone, like me, who's prone to headaches and therefore often deterred from wearing headbands altogether. The $15 price tag (that comes to less than $3 per headband, people!) compelled me to give this set a shot, and I was happily surprised to find out that they are — in fact — comfy enough to wear for an entire workday without succumbing to a migraine. They also fit snugly behind my ears, which I definitely appreciate, especially when I put on a mask to leave the house.

Plus, with so many colors, this set has you covered with a headband for (almost) every day of the week. Whatever your OOTD is, you've got a headband to match. Pair yours with jeans and a tee, or dress it up for a more put-together look. These headbands strike a happy medium between casual and formal, making them extremely versatile. And the pearl detail renders them just a tad whimsical without being too over the top.

If you're looking for an affordable way to try out the headband trend, or just feel like adding a fun new accessory (or six) to your wardrobe, I definitely recommend giving this set a try. The price and color variety alone are worth it, and you can't beat the cost per wear. Shop the set now ahead.