Jodie Turner-Smith on the Costumes That Helped Her Become Anne Boleyn

Regarding her preparation for the role of Anne Boleyn in AMC's new eponymous series, Jodie Turner-Smith noted the power of the period-piece costumes she wore. "I think costume is a really fun part of acting, and also a part that allows you to literally walk in the shoes of the character that you play," she told POPSUGAR while explaining how the wardrobe itself helped her to take on the role of the famous Tudor queen in a very tangible way. "Even just the way that those gowns are constructed. There's a certain posture that you must assume in order to walk in one, the way that they move is something that adds a certain life."

Her transformation for the series, which makes its United States debut on Dec. 9, is stunning, featuring bright-colored gowns and corsets, complete with dramatic jewels and headpieces. That's thanks to the work of costume designer Lynsey Moore, who, as Jodie pointed out, "was doing excellent work on a very, very tiny budget." Beyond the beauty of the gowns she created, the artistry was in capturing what it was like for a woman to wear the clothes they did in 16th-century England. "I think the physicality adds a really interesting element to playing a character [and] an emotional element too, when you think about just physically what women went through because they must or [because of] what is considered to be attractive to society," Jodie elaborated. That's easy to forget when you're presented with the beautiful onscreen wardrobe, which we imagine might be adapted by fashion designers and reinterpreted for today's woman.

Like 2020's fascination with Bridgerton and the resulting obsession with "Regencycore" fashion, we suspect that Jodie's looks may set off their own wave of copycats, where the influence of the Tudor era may very well get its own moment in vogue in 2022.

Here, take a closer look at the upcoming costumes in Anne Boleyn.