These Antimicrobial Mask Pouches Are Essentially COVID-Proof, and BRB, Jumping in One

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It's been a minute since we first masked up, and along the way I've racked up a few antibodies (keep it up, kids) and a lot of masks. Really, it's to the point that I have masks in the foyer, by the front door, in the catch-all, in my bag, in my bedside table — you know where this is going. And most of them are single-use and look the same, so it's hard to know who's who. I used to know a mask was ready to toss when the little metal adjust-y thing snapped, but I was in need of a better, safer system.

That's why the ViralOff Face Mask Double Pouch ($35) from Fossil is my new saving grace. In a very 2020 move, Fossil has put out a first-to-market collection that is, essentially, COVID-proof. "The Safety Crew" includes bags, pouches, and more treated with ViralOff, a patented antimicrobial treatment added to textiles that "shows a 99 percent reduction of many different viruses on a treated material within two hours." That includes influenza A, bird flu, norovirus, and — you guessed it — corona, so what better place to keep the fabric you put on your face?

I think most of us could do with one less thing to worry about today, and if it takes the form of a pouch that also organizes you? And, is cutesy and color-coded? I'll take 10, please.

Read ahead to shop the Fossil ViralOff Face Mask Double Pouch.

More Photos of the Fossil ViralOff® Face Mask Double Pouch

More Photos of the Fossil ViralOff® Face Mask Double Pouch