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Chris Roney

Standards and Ethics Editor

Chris Roney is an award-winning journalist and editor with bylines in POPSUGAR, PAPER, InStyle, and HuffPost, among others. In 2021, POPSUGAR named him as its first-ever Standards and Ethics Editor. In his role, he directs DEI initiatives across all content in the US and UK. He also trains all editorial staff and contributes to the evolution and training of standards across Group Nine Media. In 2021, he gave a 12-week series of trainings at POPSUGAR along with a seven-week series of guest lectures at Thrillist. He is the lead author of Group Nine Media’s Diversity and Sensitivity Guide, a 60-page guide to socially conscious journalism. Informed by his career as a journalist for human rights, it is available to everyone at POPSUGAR, NowThis, Thrillist, Seeker, and The Dodo.

He is a chair of Pride at Group Nine Media, where he hosts a speaker series. He also sits on IDEA’s content committee, for which he won a Spark award for his work that “anticipates, welcomes, and embraces change“ and for “encouraging smart risks“ in 2021. He also won an APEX award of excellence for “exceptional” interview writing in 2021 for his interview on Hollywood’s limited imagination around disability with actor Mat Fraser. Chris has contributed commentary to NPR, MTV, Entrepreneur, and Crooked Media’s What a Day podcast. In 2021, he was an organizer of Queer Liberation March in New York City and a juror of the 2021 San Francisco Latino Film Festival. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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