Barbie Just Participated in the Pillow Challenge, and Nothing Surprises Us Anymore

How does Barbie dress when there are no space missions to embark on or dream houses to visit? Like many others staying home right now, she gets her inspiration from Instagram. The iconic doll recently participated in the popular, fashion-approved Pillow Challenge, which asks people to put together an outfit simply using a belt and — you guessed it — a pillow.

"Staying at home or becoming the home," Barbie wrote on Instagram. "Thought it was only fitting to show up fashionably late to the #PillowChallenge." In participating, Barbie joins the ranks with Tracee Ellis Ross and Anne Hathaway, whose take on the challenge also involved a nod to her beloved Princess Diaries character, Mia Thermopolis.

Though this whole thing certainly falls under the phrase, "I can't believe I'm even saying this," what we're actually most surprised about is Barbie's sartorial choices. Who knew she'd pair her pillow with such an edgy belt? And it seems so unlike her to leave the bed unmade while she posed for her photo! We're learning all sorts of new things about Barbie during this time. Enjoy her take on the challenge above, and stay tuned for her next post, which at this point we can assume will involve Barbie perfecting her sourdough starter.