Your Exclusive First Look at BaubleBar's Christmas Bulb Barrette, aka the Best Hair Accessory Ever

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The piece: BaubleBar Bulb Hair Barrette from the brand's Festive Extras collection.

The price: $24

Why I want it: I can't think about buying anything else to make up my holiday wardrobe until I'm wearing this awesome barrette. I've always been a big fan of decorating the house, but when it comes to adorning my outfits with glitzy little details, this is the season I go all out. BaubleBar's quirky Festive collection is obviously an awesome place to start. The beaded Santa and Mrs. Claus earrings will make people break into a smile when they see you, as will their snowman counterparts. You see that gift-wrap headband? Hell yes, I'd coordinate it with the whole darn look! I also celebrate Hanukkah, so for me, the menorah drop earrings are also must haves, and I plan on wearing them for eight crazy nights. Scroll through to pick up the ultimate hair clip from the range, then shop some of my other favorite baubles before they all reach sell-out status.