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Benefits of Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant

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Source: Athleta

Say hello to your new favorite pants. We've partnered with Athleta to share why the Brooklyn Ankle Pant is the ultimate pant in form and function.

It's not often the style community finds one clothing item we're so passionately dedicated to that it earns fan-favorite status. But when it's something we wear often, rebuy in multiple colors, staunchly recommend to everyone we know, and even gleefully chat about with strangers on the street (true story), "fan-favorite" really does cover it. Athleta's Brooklyn Ankle Pant is one such item, and one you've probably heard about, if you're not already in a committed relationship with them.

And if you're not familiar? We've written a little love letter to the Brooklyn Ankle Pant to count the ways we adore it. Get ready to add a pair (or four) to your cart faster than you can say, "new favorite pants."